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    Currently there are only 4 companies authorised by the royal mail to make and sell franking machines in the UK.

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How to Choose the Right Franking Machine

With so many models of franking machines available in the market today, choosing the right one for your business can be an overwhelming task. Here are a few guidelines in choosing the perfect franking machine. Or is you don´t have time to read, this site will help you choose the best franking machine.


How many letters do you send every day?

Franking machine models are designed according to the capacity of mail they can process. There are franking machines for small businesses that send mail up to 50 a day while there are some machines that can even process hundreds of mail per day. It is good to determine the average number of mail you send per day in order to choose the best franking machine model for your needs.


Do you send mixed mail?


Mixedmail is a combination of different weights and sizes of parcels and letters. Some franking machines can automatically process different weights. You can just stack your mail on the weighing platform and the machine will do the rest. Some machines require you to sort your mail before processing them. If you send mixed mail, it is advisable that you get a machine that has an automatic sorter to save time.


Room for growth


If you’re planning on growing your business in the next 6 months or so, you better choose a franking machine that gives you room for growth. If right now you are sending an average of 50 mails per day but you estimate that in 6 months the number will double or triple, it would be better to invest in a high capacity machine.


Buy or rent?


Now comes the question of budget. It’s very tricky to invest heavily on a franking machine outright. There are several factors that you should consider before deciding on purchasing or renting one. It really all boils down to how long you will use the franking machine. If you need a machine for a short-term project, it would be better if you just rent one.


Buying a brand new machine involves a lot of money so you better make sure that the machine is put into good use for as long as your business is around. Buying a brand new franking machine is good for long-term use especially if you process bulk mail every day. If you compute rental charges for 2 years versus the brand new price, you will see a small difference. You will be able to get an ROI for a brand new machine in just a short while because of the savings, promos and freebies that you will get from your supplier and Royal Mail.


Whatever machine you decide to buy, make sure that it is Royal Mail approved to avail of the many benefits that they offer to franking machine users. Be sure to keep up-to-date with the latest franking news to avoid extra charges. Above all, use your franking machine to its full potential to maximize productivity, efficiency and achieve growth in your company.


Guide for Renting a Franking Machine

Before you rush out and buy a franking machine, you might want to consider renting one out first especially if you’re a small business. A lot of large companies who have invested in franking machines offer rental contracts for new starters. Rent can start for as little as £13.95 per month. Price will vary according to model and manufacturer. A machine by Neopost can be rented out for £17 a month. A Pitney Bowes machine can be rented out for £20 per month.


Other costs that may come with renting a franking machine are ink cartridge costs and documentation costs. There is also the issue of re-crediting and updating your machine. Royal Mail has made some changes to franked mail that will take effect in January 2013 and this would involve updating your machine. Ask your supplier if these costs are already included in the rental price.


Another major factor that you should not overlook is maintenance. Sometimes the cost of maintenance is already included in the rental cost but double check to be sure. If the cost of rental plus maintenance costs an arm and a leg, you might want to consider saving up and investing in a machine yourself.

Before you decide, go online and do some research. A lot of providers offer free quotes so you can compare franking machine prices and features. Due diligence is required to make sure that you get the best out of your money.


Different Types of Franking Machine

Franking machine has become a need for growing companies these days. Despite the advancement of technology, which has shaped the way people communicate, sending actual mails is still the best strategy in reaching business partners, clients and potential clients. Tight business competition prompted companies not only to increase production and hasten turnaround time but also to cover a wider area of scope. So, the need to constantly reach out to people is always present. And this is where franking machine helps.

When one decides to get a franking machine, he or she must first identify the needs of his or her company in terms of franking. One also needs to check the usual volume of franking done everyday. It is not obligatory to get an advance franking machine if only a small scale of franking needs to be accomplished daily. Likewise, money is wasted when one gets a simple franking machine despite of the need of postage scaling. Before anything goes wrong, it is necessary to have a good knowledge regarding the types of postage meter available today.


Electronic Franking Machine – with electronic postage meter, franking is done electronically. It has a postage scaling feature that allows one to get the exact cost of postage. Basically, postage cost is shown in the electronic display and printed onto the envelope through the use of dye. Since the introduction of this device, the look of postage meters has become different.


Manual Franking Machine – as the name suggests, franking is done manually. The postage scaling feature allows one to get the cost of postage manually. Reference table is provided where one can precisely convert a unit of weight into a unit of postage cost—which is an added burden to the one doing the franking and scaling. Although not advisable for large scale franking, this type of franking machine can accomplish small volume task very well.


Digital Franking Machine – This is the type of postage meter that cost more than the previous types. Its state-of-the-art pressure-sensing capability allows it to exactly put on display the correct amount of postage cost. And because postage cost constantly changes, a setting is accessible for reset. Some of the more advance digital franking machine allows one to just download updates for the postage meter rates. This type of franking machine is ideal for large scale franking. But of course, its high-end capability comes with a good price.


Mailcoms Franking Machine Supplier Information

In past there was a time when people manually were employed to do all tasks related to mailing system. With the advancement of modern science and technology we are blessed with an invention that has changed the trend of mailing and this device is called the franking machine. Mailcoms is recently known to be the most loved company which supplies franking machines. It’s also one of the most cost effective companies that consists of no hidden charges or special offers that costs more than less. Mailcoms is an authorized company having both sensible price and styling of franking machine that can satisfy a variety of customer.


Eradication of extra charges


Charges of mailing system vary in different companies and also postage refund services are different from one another. This can lead to a problematic situation as most of the franking machine supplied by other companies rather than Mailcoms have had issues with refunding old postage franking machines. This problem although is impossible to solve by any third party company, Mailcoms have stayed away from these type of error long since it had begun its journey.


Mailcoms franking machines


Machines supplied by Mailcoms are categorized in an incrementing order of work. Mailhub II is a fantastic looking franking machine which offers easy to use interface and precise quality. This smart machine is suitable for small business purpose as it has the ability to process forty letters each minute.


Mailpoint Connect+ on the other hand is a perfect beast to sit in the office area and produce excellent quality work. Technological advances upgraded and added to the franking machine enable you to do any kind of complex work within just a few minutes with efficiency. Productivity of the machines of Mailcoms are great because they are made with best instruments possible.


Mailcoms have been a company from the past trying to lower the price and cost of franking machine and letting it be available to many people to lessen their frustration of mailing system. Also the Mailcoms Company is leading towards a successful market because of its excellent personal level customer service satisfaction.



Neopost Ltd Franking Machine Supplier Information

Neopost is the world renowned supplier of franking machine and have placed number one in the market of UK and Europe. They value your mailing unlike any other company existing in the market and also render quality service.  All kind of necessary solution for franking machine can be found in the products of Neopost. Online server based technological system have opened a new pathway to connect with the customers. Mainly the franking machines provided by Neopost are great in quality and also durability. They offer a wide range of service through which a customer can get various benefits.


One stop shop for franking machine


Neopost is the largest franking machine supplier and the best because all the information related to franking machine can be found in Neopost. However if someone wishes to know further than buying the franking machine, people can try the trial service of franking machine to exactly see the reaping benefits of the device. The interesting fact about Neopost is that they have got a guiding process to let you find out the best franking machine matching for you. It’s a great opportunity you can take in buying the suitable franking machine for you.


Variety of franking machine


Neopost being the largest industry of franking machine consists of a wide range of franking machines. There are standard devices that can be used in your home and also there are professional products which can be essential for business needs. Mainly in three categories the devices are organized, low, mid and high volume. All the machines work like a charm and can help to reduce the pressure of your business or home office. Another great thing about Neopost is that there are cost effective products within a limited budget to give a kick start in your business.

All of your tensions related to mailing system can be lessened or even eradicated by the use of franking machine. These machines supplied by Neopost not only are capable of long time use but also holds the capability of sending hundreds of mail per day. Truly the science of franking machine has made advancement to a great extent.



Pitney Bowes Franking Machine Supplier Information

Beginning from 1901 the Pitney Bowes Company has now reached a level of comfort where they can say that they truly have made a wonderful achievement in making the customers happy and also supplying world’s finest franking machine. Company has the honor and dignity of showing its products to the public through various occasions and also giving the customers a free trial to know what they are using.


Pitney Bowes franking machine benefits


Francotyp Postalia Franking Machine Supplier Information

Francotyp Postalia also known as FP is a grossing supplier of franking machine and other postage related products. It’s a certified company and holds the capability of giving excellent customer support 24/7. It’s an old company that had been started in UK in 1923 and recently in a couple of years it has been renowned as being FP. FP is one of the largest manufacturer of franking machine and also holds the honor of distributing it worldwide. Being an old company it has records of bringing the first ever digital franking machine and also automatic franking machine to UK and Europe. Daily a lot of problems may occur relating to franking machines which can easily be solved by the help of engineers and expert technicians in Francotyp Postalia Company.


Frama Franking Machine Supplier Information

Being established in 1990 the Frama franking machine supplier company in UK has gained a lot of popularity and also have become a huge trademark. Each franking machine delivered by the Frama suppliers is of top class quality and beneficial for any type of company. They have the necessary technical efficiencies needed to provide excellent service to its customers and also have a reasonable price for all the franking machines. Moreover the brand has got such recognition only because of its bold professionalism.

Frama has introduced new range of quality products with backlit display technology. The LED screen looks fabulous and can offer an easier path to work. ComTouch technology is one of the best possible advancements integrated with franking machine. It’s a touch screen capability added to the franking machine supplied by Frama to maintain user friendly interface and easy to toggle options.


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